“Ladies and Entlemen – look at my long red nose!” My audience cheered!

Not to disappoint, I let them in on the magic, “It ain’t real.”

As time passed, I went from top stair command performances to the lime-light of the high school stage. For three consecutive years I won 1st and 2nd place medals telling stories at the Idaho State Speech Competition. After playing, uh, working as a summer stock actress, I attended Utah State University on a theater scholarship. Then came my favorite role: mother of eight children.

At last a truly captive audience!

While expecting my sixth baby, I was commissioned to record a CD of fairy tales. When the blessed day arrived, the nurses thought I was crazy because I wanted to listen to that CD of fairy tales during labor. The power of those stories took me right back to a comfy chair and a happy ending - way better than thinking about labor!

For three years I taught historical theater classes to children 8-12 years old. I have two rules when I teach, 1) Be Respectful and 2) Have Fun! We made masks, costumes, props, and crafts. Then the year I mentored a Youth Classical Acting class we produced a traveling troupe playing “Taming of the Shrew”. Transporting costumes, set, make-up, props, etc., all that makes theater, was quite a production in itself. It was a blast, and exhausting!

Now I feel my heart turning back, wanting to strip away the extraneous details, and reduce performance to its purest form - simply sharing a story.

So I find myself on the top step calling for those who have ears to hear to join me in the sweet joy of story!