"Just relax and enjoy sharing a good story.  A high degree of artistry is not necessary... We are about joy, not art"

Margaret Read MacDonald

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The Fisherman and His Wife
Kim Davis (Grimm's Fairy Tales)
Mother Holda
Kim Davis (Grimm's Fairy Tales)

My Story by Kim Davis

Once upon a time, little me stood at the top of the stairs, put a Pringles can to my nose, and with a great flourish announced . . .

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Once upon a time, stories were used to inform, inspire, and give meaning to the human experience.  Now science has discovered what children have always known, the power of story.  A story fully engages the brain.  It connects logical thought with emotional reaction.  Stories are powerful.  At “Tale Spinners  you will find your own power in storyInspire and give meaning to the human experience today at “Tale Spinners”.


Tale Spinners

  Storytelling Workshops

*Whole-brain learning       *Whole-brain creating

*Writing skills                   *Presentation skills

*Challenging                      *Fun!

Kids (8-11):    June  22 - 25

                             Youth:    July 6 - 9

Classes are held at 887 E 3350 N in Layton.


Each workshop concludes with an afternoon storytelling event!


R e g i s t e r N o w !


Class size is limited.

Tuition - $50


Questions?  Call Kim at: 801-771-7164

or click the E-Mail button below to send her a message.